Landing Page- Port Canaveral



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Port Canavaral is located on the Space Coast of Florida north of Melbourne and south of Daytona. The Kennedy Space Center is the most popular attraction in this part of the state and has been attracting visitors since it was authorized in 1958. It includes the Astronauts Hall of Fame and the opportunity to tour the facility.  Fishing is a popular pastime in the area and there are abundant opportunities to do this on the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and the Banana River.  The sugar sand beaches are a perfect place to relax and enjoy all the activities that are available including parasailing, surfing and just enjoying the water which is warm enough for swimming most of the year.


Taking an airboat ride in the Everglades offers the chance to view the exceptional wildlife and unique eco-system of Florida. Manatee and dolphins are fascinating creatures to observe especially in their natural environment. This can be done in a kayak, airboat or pontoon boat. Orlando is an optional excursion from Port Canavaral for those who want to spend a day at Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. Port Canavaral is located in an area of great natural beauty and offers easy access to many of the historic and scenic sites in this part of Florida.

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