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Mexico offers a combination of warm sandy beaches and amazing historic sites to cruisers. In the Yucatan, tours to Mayan ruins can be full day excursions or several hours long. Deep in the jungle you will be able to climb some of the pyramids to enjoy spectacular views. The atmosphere in Mexico is relaxed and enjoying the beach while lying in a hammock sipping a Margarita is a favorite pastimes. Mexico is all about fun and sun and the whole family will find activities to enjoy. Many destinations provide entertainment in the form of native dance and music for visitors.

Whether it is on the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, water activities play an important part of a cruise stop in Mexico. There are lots of water sports available including snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and if you prefer, horseback riding on the beach. Shopping is a favorite activity and whether it is local crafts or spectacular silver jewelry, there will be plenty of opportunities to find great deals. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, it is both encouraged and expected. The cruise line will recommend shops where they have arranged special prices for their passengers and usually there will be a list provided to passengers before disembarking from the ship.

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