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Cruising in the Mediterranean is a truly International experience. Ports of call begin near the Straits of Gibraltar and stretch all the way along the coast both north and south. Whether it is Spain, France or Italy, the western area of the Mediterranean is a very popular destination. Cruisers can visit Barcelona, the French Riviera and the Eternal City. It isn’t just about the coastal cities; there are islands that offer the opportunity for additional exploration. From Malta to Sicily, on to the Greek Isles, the opportunities are almost limitless.


The Mediterranean offers the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of St Paul in Turkey or exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Tracing the life of Jesus or exploring the Holy of Holies’ in Jerusalem. From the Pyramids in Egypt to Venice, history and art are available on every cruise. Beach lovers won’t be disappointed with stops available on the Riviera, in Greece and the Adriatic coast. The Mediterranean has some of the most diverse entertainment and activities offered to cruisers anywhere in the world. Choosing eastern, western or southern routes provides a cruise that will satisfy of all guests and interests. World class shopping is available along with centuries of history, the ultimate in romance and delightful weather.

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