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Hawaii is a mystical land of myth and legends discovered by Pele, the goddess of fire. According to native legend, she still lives in Kilauea, one of the most active volcanos in the world. Along with the much larger Mauna Loa, it is a must visit sites on the big island of Hawaii. The Aloha spirit of Hawaii has fascinated visitors for centuries and cruisers are no exception. Palm trees sway in the tropical breezes while world famous waves offer some of the best surfing on the planet. From the big city of Honolulu to the quiet shores of the Molokai, Hawaii offers a romantic adventure that singles and couples will love and families will enjoy.


With 6 main islands, Hawaii offers a wide variety of activities. Horseback riding though rain forests climbing on the Kilauea volcano, visiting a pineapple ranch are all possibilities. For a closer look, helicopter rides are available over the volcanos. With more than 125 beaches, Oahu is sure to have just the spot for you to enjoy your own little piece of heaven. Hawaii is a perfect destination for shoppers where macadamia nuts, Kona Coffee, all things pineapple and orchids will entice them to bring home a little piece of the island paradise.

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