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Europe is a dream cruise destination.  Whether it is a Baltic cruise, one to the eastern, western or southern Mediterranean or coastal Europe, it is the cruise of a lifetime. Cruising to the Baltic Sea  offers ports in Scandinavia, the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and  as far east as St. Petersburg, Russia. Tours can depart from ports in Scandinavia or they can depart from the United Kingdom or continental Europe.  The Mediterranean offers a wide variety of cruising opportunities. In the Western Mediterranean ports in Spain and France as well as the west coast of Italy are offered along with the Islands of Corsica, Malta, Sicily and Capri. History and art abound along with the beaches of the Riviera both French and Italian.


The Eastern Mediterranean includes the beauty of Venice and the gorgeous beaches of Croatia and Greece. The ancient ruins of Greece and Turkey are big attractions along with the gorgeous Greek islands. In the Southern Mediterranean cruises include North Africa and the Nile as well as the Holy Land. Whether it is following in the footsteps of the Pharaohs or the Apostles, a cruise of the Mediterranean can provide it for you. You can also cruise the coast of Continental Europe and these can include wine tours in France, visits to Portugal and the Netherlands. Europe has everything you could want in a cruise destination no matter what your cruising style.

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