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Located less than six hundred miles from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Bermuda offers a feel that of the tropics close to home. Honeymooners have flocked here for decades but there are activities that will appeal to people of all ages. This British overseas territory has a decidedly English feel with police officers in traditional Bermuda shorts and afternoon tea being offered around the island.


Pink sand beaches are pristine and invite visitors to indulge in the many water sports available. Whether it is swimming, snorkeling or enjoying a glass bottom boat ride, the entire family will find activities to enjoy. St. George and Hamilton offer shopping at great prices and historic sites of interest abound on the island.

There are some cruises which just stop in Bermuda on their way to another destination but there are also many cruises that offer Bermuda as the destination. There are abundant tours available from an hour to a full day. Visitors can’t drive a car but if you are brave you can rent a scooter and see the island on your own. Bermuda is a great way to break into cruising. It is safe, cultured and all around delightful.

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