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Made up of over 700 islands and nearly double as many cays, The Islands of the Bahamas offer a variety of experiences to visitors of all ages. Located in the same island group as Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and positioned just 50 miles off the Florida coast, The Bahamas offers near perfect weather and miles of sandy beaches. Water sports abound in this tropical wonderland and there are a number of shipwrecks that are popular diving sites to entice divers of all skill levels.


From the capital Nassau on New Providence Island to the magnificent ecology of Grand Bahama Island, there are wonders of all sorts to discover in this island paradise. The atmosphere in The Bahamas is casual with the air filled with the sound of music and laughter. Relax and enjoy the tropical breezes, chilled drinks and duty free shopping. Hop on a party boat and spend a day of relaxation or enjoy the beach from the back of a horse as you tour the islands. As a former British colony, The Bahamas offers no language barrier while still providing an International experience. The welcome is as warm as the weather and makes this a very popular destination.

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